Assam Police Recruitment 2019 – Apply for 756 Grade III and Grade IV Posts

Assam Police Recruitment 2019 – Apply for 756 Grade III and Grade IV Posts

Assam Police has published a recruitment notice to recruit 756 Grade III and Grade IV Posts on direct base. Department is noticed that all applicants have to Fill up Application Form through online mode and submit their Application Form with all the necessary documents to the Official website on or before the 31st January 2019. This is a golden opportunity for interested candidates, those who are looking for jobs in this Department (Assam Police). Important Details I am Going to Describe Below…..


Short details of Assam Police Recruitment 2019  Apply for 756 Grade III and Grade IV Posts


Department Name: Assam Police, Assam

Official Website:

Educational Qualification: Class 08th/ Graduation Degree/ HSLC/ Diploma/ Computer proficiency from any recognize institution or university as per posts

Age Limit: Within 18 to 54 Years as per posts

Post wise Vacancies

  1. Inland Water Transport Department – Grade-III post – 01 posts
  2. Inland Water Transport Department- Grade-IV posts – 11 posts
  3. Directorate of Employment & Craftsmen Training – Grade III Posts – 15 posts
  4. Directorate of Employment & Craftsmen Training -Grade IV Posts – 06 posts
  5. Directorate of Municipal Administration- Grade III Posts – 02 posts
  6. Directorate of Municipal Administration – Grade IV Post – 01 posts
  7. Water Resource Department – Grade III Posts – 28 posts
  8. Water Resource Department – Grade IV Post – 48 posts
  9. Elementary Education – Grade III Posts – 19 posts
  10. Elementary Education – Grade IV Posts – 65 posts
  11. Register of Cooperative Societies – Grade III Posts – 06 posts
  12. Register of Cooperative Societies- Grade IV Posts – 13 posts
  13. Transformation & Development Department – Grade III Posts – 06 posts
  14. Transformation & Development Department -Grade IV Posts – 06 posts
  15. Transport Department – Grade III Post – 01 posts
  16. Transport Department- Grade IV Posts – 06 posts
  17. Irrigation Department – Grade III Posts – 41 posts
  18. Irrigation Department – Grade IV Posts – 17 posts
  19. Social Welfare Department – Grade III Posts – 23 posts
  20. Agriculture Department – Grade III Posts – 89 posts
  21. Agriculture Department – Grade IV Posts – 18 posts
  22. Town & Country Planning – Grade III Posts – 02 posts
  23. Town & Country Planning – Grade IV Posts – 14 posts
  24. Tourism Department – Grade III Posts – 02 posts
  25. Tourism Department – Grade IV Posts – 04 posts
  26. Soil Conservation -Grade IV Posts – 04 posts
  27. Sports and Youth Welfare Department – Grade III Posts – 06 posts
  28. Sports and Youth Welfare Department – Grade IV Posts – 11 posts
  29. Forests Department – Grade III Posts – 03 posts
  30. Forests Department – Grade IV Post – 02 posts
  31. Fishery Department – Grade III Posts – 02 posts
  32. Fishery Department – Grade IV Posts – 06 posts
  33. Public Works & (B & NH) Department – Grade III Post – 21 posts
  34. Public Works & (B & NH) Department – Grade IV Posts – 35 posts
  35. Cultural Affairs Department – Grade III Post – 06 posts
  36. Cultural Affairs Department – Grade IV Post – 01 post
  37. Health & Family Welfare (B) Department – Grade III Posts – 07 posts
  38. Health & Family Welfare (B) Department – Grade IV Posts – 11 posts
  39. Industries & Commerce Department – Grade III Post – 02 posts
  40. Industries & Commerce Department – Grade IV Post – 04 posts
  41. Panchayat & Rural Development Department -Grade IV Post – 07 posts
  42. Excise Department – Grade III Post – 01 post
  43. Printing & Stationery Department – Grade III Post – 01 posts
  44. Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department – Grade III Posts – 03 posts
  45. Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department – Grade IV Posts – 50 posts
  46. Secondary Education – Grade III Post – 07 posts
  47. Secondary Education – Grade IV Posts – 13 posts
  48. Border Protection & Development Department – Grade IV Post – 01 post
  49. Public Works Roads Department – Grade III Post – 09 posts
  50. Public Works Roads Department – Grade IV Posts – 07 posts
  51. Directorate of Museum – Grade IV Post – 02 posts
  52. Archaeology Department -Grade IV Post – 01 posts
  53. Inspectorate of Electricity – Grade IV Posts – 02 posts
  54. Directorate of Library Services – Grade IV Post – 01 post
  55. Higher Education – Grade III Posts – 20 posts
  56. Higher Education – Grade IV Posts – 37 posts
  57. Directorate of Technical Education – Grade III Posts – 03 posts
  58. Directorate of Technical Education – Grade IV Posts – 37 posts
  59. Pension & Public Grievances Department- Grade III Posts – 01 post
  60. Assam Police- Grade III Posts – 03 posts

Total Vacancies: 756 posts

Pay scale: Rs. 12,000/- to 49,000/- and GP Rs. 5600/- Per Month as per posts

Last Date: 31st January 2019


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Full details of Assam Police Recruitment 2019  Apply for 756 Grade III and Grade IV Posts


Educational Qualification Details:  Applicants must be complete their Class 08th/ Graduation Degree/ HSLC/ Diploma/ Computer proficiency from any recognize institution or university as per posts.

Age Limit Details: Candidates age must be Within 18 to 54 Years as on the 1st January, 2018. According to the Indian govt. rules, the applicants who are reserved category will be age-wise.

Selection Procedure Details: Applicants will be chosen on the basis of Written Examination Test.

Salary Details: Selected applicants will be able to receive Rs. 12,000/- to 49,000/- and GP Rs. 5600/- Per Month as per posts.

Applying Process: Department is noticed that all applicants have to Fill up Application Form through online mode and submit their Application Form with all the necessary documents to the Official website on or before the 31st January 2019.

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